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これからも ありがとう


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hi AYEN here..

I love watching animes, movies and dramas.. whether its Korean, Taiwanese but mostly JAPANESE.
I also love surfing the net to find what's new about the Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese entertainment.

ARASHI is my favorite Japanese Band.
SHINee and EXO are my favorite Korean Band.
But if I were to choose between the three.. I would definitely choose ARASHI :)

Yeah.. I love Arashi but my favorite singer (as an individual) is TEGOSHI YUYA of NEWS.. I just love his sweet voice :)

I am the moderator of yamanade2010 and himono_season2 (but for himono, I was not able to do my duty as a moderator nor a maintainer), I am also one of the maintainer of inouemao

I love all boys from JOHNNY'S ENTERTAINMENT its just that ARASHI and TEGOSHI YUYA is my ichiban :)

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