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これからも ありがとう

dakara ima wa mou ichido bokura kara minna ni arigatou..

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I love watching animes, movies and dramas. Before, I watch korean, taiwanese or chinese and of course Japanese but nowadays, I mostly watch Japanese, i find looooong episodes boring.

My ichiban among Johnnys are ARASHI and SixTONES.
And my korean heart belongs to SHINee and EXO.

Its hard to choose the ichiban among the ojii-san of Arashi.. I love them all!
I ship KyomoHoku so much!!
I also love Tegoshi Yuya!

I am the moderator of yamanade2010 and himono_season2, I am also one of the maintainer of inouemao. But for the past years, I haven't been active in any of the community, I started my LJ when I was still a student and when I started to work about 9 years ago, I become busy and doesn't have much time to update my journal. Except for the re-tweets from my twitter.